About Lisa Grue

Lisa Grue · Artist & Illustrator

Artist and illustrator LISA GRUE graduarted from the Royal Academy of Design in 2001. Since then, Lisa has been working worldwide with illustration, ne art, graphic design, art direction, styling, design concepts, blogging etc. Her clients include fashion designer ANNA SUI, amerikanske NYLON Magazine, Vogue magazine, Ace Hotel in NYC, Viacom and many more.

LISA GRUE has also been active at the ne art scene developing art projects in her personal style: a sublime cocktail of poetic femininity, a hint of Alice in Wonderland, mixing with crazy animals and personal phrases. Her strong work has steadily brought her attention around the world, and it can be seen in several international books on art and illustration. 

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

Lisa Grue/ Summer will be back
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